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What would it cost my company to provide health insurance for my employees?

Choosing the right group health insurance plan from the right provider at a fair price is an important process that should be done correctly from the beginning. Business owners and company executives cannot afford to spend valuable time in non-substantive or redundant conversations while selecting a group health insurance plan for their employees. It is one of the most important employee benefit investments they will make. Besides the covered services, number of employees, age of employees, health profile, industry risk history, eligibility, and other factors driving the pricing, servicing is another element to take into consideration — How will the plan be serviced over the long-term, and what is the track record of the servicing agency? We make sure everything that is pertinent to the selection process is brought into the conversation so that company leadership can make an informed decision based on the best information available, with the pros and cons clearly laid out.

We understand the business owners’ needs and mindset. And we inherently know how to package group health plans to do the best job for the company for the budgeted dollars. With decades of group health insurance experience and with all types of companies, we have developed a high level of expertise, insight, and sensitivity to our client’s demands. We connect profoundly with our company clients and become their go-to small business health insurance experts. We prize the fact that, over time, we know how to nurture a trusting relationship with our employers that is the envy of the industry. Our employer clients expect excellent customer service, and we provide it. We are responsive, reliable, knowledgeable, and caring group health professionals who have an unparalleled work ethic and a deeply embedded sense of integrity.

Start the process with a quote request by simply inputting your information into the form on this page. After receiving your quote request, we will contact you and set an appointment for the initial meeting. We have access to many of the major insurance companies that provide group health insurance plans in the State of California. We will help you navigate the landscape and home-in on the best plans for your company.

The insurance companies we have access to include:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of California
  • CalChoice (a collection of many insurance companies)
  • Health Net
  • Kaiser
  • UnitedHealthCare (UHC)

 There will be about 350 different plans to choose from. The insurance companies offer HMO, PPO and HSA-compatible plans in the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze “metal tier” levels. Some have full networks (almost any doctor and almost any hospital to choose from) while others have “narrow” networks (fewer doctors and fewer hospitals to choose from, but at lower prices).

There is no cost for our services, but we ask that we begin our agency-client relationship in good faith. There is a ton of upfront work that we will do for you. We will be qualifying hundreds of options and packaging them into customized plans especially for you, along with pricing details. So, please respect our time and give us the opportunity to earn your business exclusively.

There are a myriad of choices, and we know the way through the dense forest of health insurance. We look forward to becoming your guide. We are very knowledgeable licensed agents, brokers, and consultants for group health insurance and employee benefits. We’ve devoted our lives to helping people make good decisions. Moreover, we enjoy securing people’s access to good health care with group health insurance. It’s rewarding to see people maintain and enhance their health and live full lives.

Let’s get started on the road to providing your employees the benefits of group health insurance.

Don’t delay, input your company information in the form above or give our friendly and caring professionals a call at (818) 723-5093.

Either way, we are here to help you provide at the best possible health insurance program for your employees at the best price.